Monday, 1 August 2016

Building A Subscriber List For Raging Profits In 3 Easy Steps

A list of opt-in subscribers that you can mail to is going to be the ticket to writing your own paychecks if you're doing any type of business online. Email is still the most effective method of direct marketing on the internet as we know it, There is nothing better than a personal message inviting readers to take action to buy or to find out more information and get a sign up to our program etc.
Just like many businesses, it's a numbers game. The size of the customer base is going to reflect on its success. It's the same online. The bigger the list, the more prospects are going to see your sales message, resulting in more sales.
The big question is then, how do I build an opt-in list of prospects I can email? There are several techniques to apply but there are some things that are essential.
You need an autoresponder. You need a web site. You need traffic. Once you have those 3 essentials, you are set up ready to start building a list. Here are three list building tips I have used to generate more subscribers (and a secret for each)-
1) Pop Ups - In all the different versions you can find (slide ins, drop ins, pop under, exit pop) Offer
something free in the pop up to capture names and email addresses. You can find numerous free pop-up creating software if you do a search in your favourite search engine.
The secret to pop-ups is not to make it too big and distracting. If it blocks the headline, your visitor will be irritated and will click on the dreaded X faster than you can say "Adios Amigo".
2) Squeeze pages! Also known as a splash page. A short web page with a subscription form enticing visitors to sign up with their name and email address in exchange for a free report or free newsletter subscription or ecourse.
The secret with a squeeze page is to make it a no-brainer for visitors to sign up. Make sure the benefits of what you are offering are clear and offer something of value and put that in dollars on your squeeze page. Eg. "5 Day List Building eCourse! A $67 Value! Yours Free Today!" Make the squeeze page easy on the eyes to read and see exactly what they're getting. No long boring essay and no distracting banners or other links.
3)If you're in the internet marketing (make money online) niche, there is often a mini giveaway event. You can build a list by joining a giveaway and giving away a product that a visitor can download in exchange for their name and email address. Contribute a gift you can give away for free. Be careful that you don't violate the rights the creator of the product has set.
The secrets to giveaways is giving away something that's original and something that will appeal to a wide audience. Old resale rights products that have been thrashed don't work!

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