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Love - The Essence of Life

Love is the essence of life. It is where all life begins, and the foundation for every dignifying emotion man has been capable of expressing. Where love is missing, there is no life. Creation itself rotates on the axis of love. The love of the Creator is the beginning of creation. Our being here therefore is the answer of the creator to our request to explore the full potentials of the human spirit.
It is the essence of creation and the rationale for our individual incarnations! Love in its eternal essence gives the most treasured gift that man has, Hope. An acceptance of the love of the Creator, helps us to understand His Laws and we make attempt to adapt ourselves to these laws. In a dim human way, we attempt to return this love. When we do not have the essence of love, we become very critical and intolerant. However, we tend to translate this love in too much of a human way, in our concept of how we are to express it. We know of the love of our parents and sometimes take that for granted or give it expectations that are self serving. We love a child and expect the child to be an extension of our dreams and so we feel disappointed when the child expresses innately its own identification of self.
Can love be critical and tough? Yes it can, it actually must, if it tends to fulfill its primary responsibility of bringing out the best in the object of love. The rub is, we must be clear when we are critical, what we are being critical of. The ability to be objective is actually the first spring of love. To see in its totality, a person, or situation and in the process of that assessment, carry the ability to be helpful for the benefit of the person, object or situation. It is therefore sometimes essential to understand that love can be tough. This is however based on the principle that even a blind person should be able to 'see' the love in the correction you offer a loved one.
There is the confusion to see love as constantly self sacrificing, weak and submissive. If we sincerely look at the essence of human spirit, we will agree that it is wrong to expect a human spirit to be submissive for he is not made that way. His lack of self exertion thus is a consequence of indolence, indulgence and an inability to make use of his given free will. He has chosen to take the soft option. A vibrant love, is clear sighted about the limitations of the recipient of his love but will want to see and seek opportunities to offer serving love as distinct from self serving administration of selfish considerations!
At a sublime level therefore is the love of the Creator, who has set in motion opportunities for each human spirit to arrive at the peak of his possibilities, and abilities. He has instituted into creation thus, certain laws that is not in any way religious nor does it advocate a religion. These laws by their very essence defines for man the essence of what we mean by freedom and offers man the gateway to supreme personal happiness and attainment. It enforces compliance irrespective of our understanding of these laws. We live in creation, are in it but not of it as we all sense that there is much more than we can see, hear, sense and touch.
These laws are anchored in the Love of the Creator. They offer to man the keys to a life that can be happy. It invites us to be self critical, exert ourselves and offers both an explanation and a way to those things in creation we are puzzled about. It offers through the laws of reciprocity, that maturing fruits started from seed level and could be different from one seed to the other according to the specie of the act.
Man lives his life at three levels. He plants the consequences of his life on these levels. His words are immediate and therefore active, just as his actions can be seen by all. However a more potent aspect of his life is his thoughts and because of the nature of their ability to be cloaked if it so wishes, we sow thought forms that might take eons to fructify! We however take relief in the knowledge that in understanding of the quirks of human nature, the Creator in love anchored this law so we might learn and grow. That is love too.
In the laws of the Creator, no man is condemned except by himself when he fails to understand the beauty and concept of love. Thus simply put, love is the essence of life. The very many trails we face, in our personal lives and jointly as a community or as a nation are opportunities offered to be better than our yesterdays. The growth to arrive at the apex of our existence as truly human spiritual!

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Character Creator To Die For

Many novels involving murders begin with the victim already deceased. At the discovery of the corpse, the hunt is on for the killer. Depending on the plot, who the victim was, and how he related to the other characters, it may or may not be important to develop a character sketch. In the story we will be working on, a character creator, or worksheet, will be instrumental in bringing everything together.
The victim will be attacked early on in the story. However, she will live on for some time as a point-of-view character. Knowing how she interacted with the other characters is vital. It is her relationship with one of these characters that ended in her death.
To be fair to the readers, and make it more fun, we are going to use a character creator list to help us get to know her on an intimate basis. We'll start with a sketch of her appearance and basic personality traits.
In the next article, we'll go into her back-story to learn how her experiences drove her to the desperate situation she finds herself in at the beginning of the story.
Name: Brandy Callahan
Character Type: Victim
Connection to Lead: Neighbour, friend
Story Goal: To get over her fear of being hurt or abandoned and to connect emotionally with a man in an honest relationship.
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Body Type: Curvaceous, sexy, wears short, form-fitting dresses and skirts. Low cut shirts and blouses.
Hair Color: blond, long - mid back, thick, wavy.
Eye Color: pale blue
Mannerisms: Throws her head back when she laughs. Touches people playfully when she speaks to them, especially men.
Distinctive Speech Pattern: Soft and airy.
Personality: Has trouble trusting men. Acts completely confident and self-assured. Inwardly, she's afraid of being alone and being hurt.
Personal Life: She lives with a man to save herself from being alone. She knows he's desperately in love with her. She has no feelings for him other than friendship.
Private Life: She takes kickboxing classes. Has a kickboxing bag hanging from a beam in her basement. She uses it often when she feels sad or lonely.
Work Life: Stripper/High end call girl
Strength: She can instinctively attract men without even trying.
Weakness: She doesn't know how to hold onto a committed relationship.
This gives us a general outline of our victim's appearance and personality.
Next time, we'll dig down deeper. We'll take the character we've developed here and give her experiences that will bring forth the pain in her damaged soul.
We have to know, and see, and feel her pain so that the reader will be there with her. Then, we put a mirror in front of her so she comes face to face with the fears she holds about herself. We want to frustrate her struggles as deeply as possible.

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How to Pick Creative Topics for an Essay 2: Using Occam's Razor Sparingly

1. You have been reading up on a topic, and you have to write an essay about it for homework.
2. You are reading about an unusual event and you want to know why it happened.
3. You are curious about why some people behave the way they do.
Deciding what to write about, what is important, and reaching meaningful conclusions about the causes of certain events, or coming to understand the human condition and what motivates people, are all difficult things to do.
There are so many theories, ideas, and slants. There seems to be so much information on any given topic that reaching the right conclusions rather than jumping to them is difficult, if not impossible. At any rate that's how it must look at times.
There are ways to reach sensible conclusions, and realizing that there may not be any right answers to complex questions is one such way. There are sensible, plausible answers, but most of the time, there is rarely just the one that is absolutely correct.
The physical sciences seem to represent the closest we get to 'right' answers, but any scientists will tell you that what is considered correct only applies at a certain level of analysis.
Water boils at 100 degrees Centigrade, and every schoolboy knows that. A closer look at water boiling, however, reveals that only pure water boils at that temperature, and then only at sea level. Add some impurities, and try the experiment at an altitude above mean sea level and you will find that in fact, water doesn't behave in that way.
In the mosaic of information in other subjects, much of the information actually conflicts, and we know that statistics can be manipulated to prove anything, don't we?
A friend of mine was recently informed by a doctor that his apparent deafness was due to a spinal degeneration that was limiting the amount of blood getting to the ear. Another doctor examined him and told him he had a an ear infection from swimming in water that may not have been chlorinated enough to prevent contamination.
My friend accepted the latter diagnosis. The question is: Was he right to do that? Was he right to accept the diagnosis that he most wanted to believe?
He accepted the simplest explanation. He used the principle known as 'Occam's razor' to decide what to believe. He had a vested interest in so doing, and indeed, who wouldn't want to believe the second explanation rather than the first?
Occam's razor states that: 'One should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.'
It is similar to the principle of parsimony or the principle of simplicity, which is a criterion for deciding among scientific theories or explanations.
'One should always choose the simplest explanation of a phenomenon, the one that requires the fewest leaps of logic.'
Or in other words:
'A problem should be stated in its basic and simplest terms. In science, the simplest theory that fits the facts of a problem is the one that should be selected.'
In plain language, the simplest explanation is most probably the correct one, given that all the facts have been dealt with, the logical principle put forward by William of Occam, a medieval English philosopher.
Here is a real life example of Occam's Razor in practice. Crop circles began to be reported in the 1970s. Two interpretations were made of the circles of matted grass. The first one was that UFOs had made the imprints. The second was that someone (human) had used some sort of instruments to push down the grass.
Occam's Razor would say that given the lack of evidence for UFOs and the complexity involved in UFOs arriving from distant galaxies, the second interpretation is the simplest and therefore the one most likely to be correct.
Of course, both explanations could have been wrong, but again, the second was by far the simplest, and so, applying the principle of Occam's razor, would be the one most likely to be correct.
More evidence would be needed before the first one could be accepted. In fact, two people later admitted that they had made the circles, corroborating the second explanation.
For a given set of observations or data, there is always an infinite number of possible models explaining those same data. This is because a model normally represents an infinite number of possible cases.
Evidence is critical in making judgments regarding explanations for otherwise inexplicable events is concerned.
We talk about reaching conclusions, and we talk about jumping to conclusions, and while it is true to say that the latter is usually applied to more day to day matters, it is also true to say that reaching conclusions based upon examination of sound evidence is always
preferable to jumping to conclusions, or reaching a conclusion before any attempt at examining all the evidence has been undertaken.
Acceptance of a proposition based upon incomplete evidence is known as prejudice. To be honest though, prejudicial behavior is usually displayed in connection with issues that concern people rather than, for example, with scientific phenomena.
Nevertheless, if we were to invariably accept the simplest explanation as being the nearest one to the truth, or to reality, then we would be guilty of habitually ignoring potentially important data just because it complicated the issue or because it was not presented initially.
A complete, in depth understanding of complex issues or equations demands that we examine all the relevant data before we pass judgment or define something, or decide upon something.

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How to Use Quantum Physics to Power Your Rune Magic

Powerful Rune Magic
5 Reasons Why Rune Magic and Quantum Physics
Work Powerfully Together
1. Rune Magic : Magic is the ability to affect changes to a person, place or event at a distance, without any physical contact. Rune Magic is the ability to send the powerful energies of Runes to people, places and events at a distance.
2. Rune Energies: Runes are Universal, Creative Energies. Each of them is a different key to a specific energy. Rune FA is a Prosperity energy. Rune UR is Health energy. Rune Thorn is a Protection energy, etc.
3. Laws of Quantum Physics, the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of intelligent, thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean. It is the Mind of the Creator God.
There is no Time, Past, nor Present in the Quantum Ocean. There is only the NOW. There is no Space, only the infinite point called HERE! In actuality, the infinite Quantum Ocean is an infinite point called the HERE - NOW where everything exists.
The Runes, Norse Gods/Goddesses exist and have always existed in the Quantum Ocean. They have never not existed. You need only to make contact with them to bring them into your life.
4. Thoughts are Things: The Age of Aquarius which has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics tells us "Thoughts are Things."
The Quantum Ocean responds to our thoughts, wishes, desires, hopes and prayers. You need to have a methodology to constantly send your thoughts into the Quantum Ocean until the energies manifest into your life. Rune meditations, Rune Yoga, Rune visualization, Rune Radionics, Rune Talismans, Rune Mantras are all methods of sending your thoughts into the Quantum Ocean.
5. Your Aura: Your Aura is your energy configuration. All is energy. You, I, the Planets, Galaxies, Universes and especially the Runes are all energies.
The whole concept of Rune Magic is to fill your Aura with the Runic Energies. Whatever energies you carry in your Aura attracts people, places and events into your life...
By breathing or meditating on a specific Rune, you attract these energies into your Aura. Then you can use the Energies for yourself or project to a person, place or event at any distance or any time, past present or future.
Rune Magic is powerful because it uses the Laws of Quantum Physics to attract Runic Energies out of the Quantum Ocean and into your Aura.
Once these energies are in the Aura of the Rune Magician, he can use them for himself or project them to another.
Runes are not words. They are energies. It is an energy world. You cannot use words to Heal and Protect. You need energies. Once you have the Runic Energies within you, you can use your mind to work your magic.
Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing. To see more of his writings visit his websites.

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Magnetic Energy and Its Applications

Magnetic energy or magnetism is the force exerted between the two magnetic poles, producing magnetization. A magnetic field is an area around the magnet where magnetic or electrical force can be experienced and is a vector quantity which has both direction and magnitude.
Any object that can produce its own magnetic field is a magnet and the direction of magnetic field is the alignment of iron filings placed on a paper over a bar magnet. These imaginary lines are useful mathematical calculations and studies. Electrical currents also produce magnetic fields likewise magnetic fields also exert forces on moving electrical charges.
In fact electricity and magnetism are the same and are related by he two phenomena are related by Maxwell's equations. Whereas electro magnetic energy will have both electrical and magnetic components and X rays, infra red rays, visible light and radio waves are all examples of electro magnetic radiation. Though these are basically electromagnetic rays their wavelengths and frequencies are different and hence behave differently. X rays are high frequency and short wavelength rays whereas microwave has longer wavelength and low frequencies.
One form of energy can be converted into another form by using converters like batteries or turbines. For instance in dry cells or batteries chemical energy is converted into electrical energy whereas in hydro electric dam potential energy is converted into electrical energy.
Magnetic energy is a good source of renewable energy, which can be recycled to meet the energy needs of the world without causing pollution and it can also be used for even household energy requirements and then recycle the energy back into the environment without producing pollution. The reputed car maker, "Peugeot' has made use of the same polarity magnetic field application in designing its car, Magnet". Magnetic energy is a great source of energy and a pollution free replacement for fossil fuels, which is the main reason for global warming and degradation of ecosystem. is a free search engine that enables the users to dig out the precise information they are seeking on magnetic energy and its future applications. One of the most discussed topics these days, magnetic energy holds great promise in electricity generation and in the creation of an energy efficient and pollution free world. This search engine can be easily integrated into other websites. In case you are interested to gather more information on magnetic energy, you can access it in the science category on the Jrank encyclopedia.

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Building A Subscriber List For Raging Profits In 3 Easy Steps

A list of opt-in subscribers that you can mail to is going to be the ticket to writing your own paychecks if you're doing any type of business online. Email is still the most effective method of direct marketing on the internet as we know it, There is nothing better than a personal message inviting readers to take action to buy or to find out more information and get a sign up to our program etc.
Just like many businesses, it's a numbers game. The size of the customer base is going to reflect on its success. It's the same online. The bigger the list, the more prospects are going to see your sales message, resulting in more sales.
The big question is then, how do I build an opt-in list of prospects I can email? There are several techniques to apply but there are some things that are essential.
You need an autoresponder. You need a web site. You need traffic. Once you have those 3 essentials, you are set up ready to start building a list. Here are three list building tips I have used to generate more subscribers (and a secret for each)-
1) Pop Ups - In all the different versions you can find (slide ins, drop ins, pop under, exit pop) Offer
something free in the pop up to capture names and email addresses. You can find numerous free pop-up creating software if you do a search in your favourite search engine.
The secret to pop-ups is not to make it too big and distracting. If it blocks the headline, your visitor will be irritated and will click on the dreaded X faster than you can say "Adios Amigo".
2) Squeeze pages! Also known as a splash page. A short web page with a subscription form enticing visitors to sign up with their name and email address in exchange for a free report or free newsletter subscription or ecourse.
The secret with a squeeze page is to make it a no-brainer for visitors to sign up. Make sure the benefits of what you are offering are clear and offer something of value and put that in dollars on your squeeze page. Eg. "5 Day List Building eCourse! A $67 Value! Yours Free Today!" Make the squeeze page easy on the eyes to read and see exactly what they're getting. No long boring essay and no distracting banners or other links.
3)If you're in the internet marketing (make money online) niche, there is often a mini giveaway event. You can build a list by joining a giveaway and giving away a product that a visitor can download in exchange for their name and email address. Contribute a gift you can give away for free. Be careful that you don't violate the rights the creator of the product has set.
The secrets to giveaways is giving away something that's original and something that will appeal to a wide audience. Old resale rights products that have been thrashed don't work!

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The Ancient Walk-About Way Of Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samraj is a distinctive spiritual teacher, philosopher, and artist. His divine teachings are a light to humanity. He is not an orthodox teacher who leads people through sheer superstition; rather he is one who awakens. He is a contemporary Buddha; in him the Divine manifests in its uttermost glory. In his individuality one finds manifestation of spiritual, philosophical, literary, and artistic genius. When he asserts that he is the One, that divine guru who awakens, then he speaks the ultimate the truth of Vedanta. His writings throw light on his wisdom and the truth he inaugurates. In the very beginning of the essay, "I Am The One Who Would Awaken You" in his book The Ancient Walk-About Way, he proclaims the truth that is also known in Vedanta, "The world itself is not Truth-nor is life, nor psyche and body, nor death, nor experience. No event is, in and of itself, Truth. Everything that arises is an appearance to Consciousness Itself, a modification of the Divine Conscious Light That Is Always Already the Case."
In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad sage Yagyavalkya says to Maitreyee the same truth, "vacha rambhano vikaro namdheyam" of which the intended meaning is "all this manifestation of form and name is of truth only". Adi Da identifies truth with consciousness that is always awake and is said to be the seer of everything, every happening whether it is happening outwardly or inwardly. "There is One Who is Wide Awake while He Appears in the dream," he says. Remember once again the Brihdaranyaka Upanishad Yagyavalkya - King Janaka's discourse on truth, "(in dream state) after enjoying himself and roaming, and merely seeing (the result of) good and evil (in the dream), he stays in the state of profound sleep, and comes back in the inverse order to his former condition, the dream state. He is untouched by whatever he sees in that state, for this infinite being is unattached." This consciousness that is absolute, wide awake and already the case is He. This is what is called realization in the sense of absolute 'I'. This Uddalaka taught to Svetaketo 'thou art that' means that absolute consciousness which is wide-awake albeit awareness 'itself' is 'thou'.
In his teachings Adi Da employs two methods-first, with his sharp philosophical truth he removes superstitions, beliefs, and false ideas; second, he convinces one to embrace reality itself leaving behind childish notions of God that are based on the principle of dependence. He writes in the essay "Moving Beyond Childish and Adolescent Approaches to Life and Truth" in Religion and Reality: "Traditional Spirituality, in the forms in which it is most commonly proposed or presumed, is a characteristically adolescent creation that represents an attempted balance between the extremes. It is not a life of mere (or simple) absorption in the mysterious enclosure of existence. It is a life of strategic absorption. It raises the relatively non-strategic and unconscious life of childhood dependence to the level of a fully strategic conscious life of achieved dependence (or absorption). Its goal is not merely psychological re-union, but total psychic release into some (imagined or felt) 'Home' of being." Adi Da does not propose being in an "imaginary" home or an historical one searched by many western philosophers. His concept of 'ousia', the house of being, is not any imaginary category, but rather is the already existent, unborn, given truth. This is the very truth in which we are living, in which we are being born and in which we do return.
Adi Da in the essay "God as the 'Creator', God as 'Good', and God As the Real" in Religion and Reality writes, "Real (Acausal) God-or the Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, Inherently egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine Reality (Prior to conditional self, conditional world, and the ego-bound conventions of religion and non-religions)-Is the One and Only Truth of Reality Itself, and the One and Only Way of Right Life and Perfect Realization." The way to realize this truth is the way of Adi Da, since in him the absolute is manifesting in its uttermost glory. He teaches how to transcend the views or ideas that are by and large formed and based on beliefs. One's belief in God and one's belief of God is based on some thought, some imaginary notion. Therefore, the first step towards truth realization is getting rid of all the hitherto notions of God-Ideas. Adi Da says that, "true religion requires the utter transcending of all views". He is very clear in his approach to religion and it is very much akin to Vedanta. His sole philosophy of the spiritual is in the likeness of Vedanta, but by proclaiming himself an Avatar who has come on this earth to liberate beings, he offers another way of self-realization.
Adi Da shatters false intellectualization and philosophies. By teaching devotion to the Realizer he reveals that love is the highest and most far reaching divine principle. It is this divine principle that humanity is forgetting. Regarding this, Buddha said that the fragrance of faith goes beyond all since it carries with it not earth but divine intelligence. Adi Da Samraj's world is full of mystery. He is not only a spiritual teacher but a distinguished artist too. I have never known any artist in my life or read about any artist who unites philosophy and art. His works of art are not simply visuals but rather are truth statements; because of this truth-the visuals appear.
In his art spiritualization takes place because philosophy and art converse. This is contrary to Picasso who did not believe in philosophy. As for as modern art is concerned, only Kandinsky believed in the philosophy of art and criticized Picasso saying, "He shrinks from no innovation, and if color seems likely to balk him in his search for a pure artistic form, he threw it overboard and paints a picture in brown and white; and the problem of purely artistic form is the problem of his life." Because Picasso did not believe in the spiritual, he worked from reason. Therefore, one rarely finds visual purity in his work. Adi Da is very close to Kandinsky, he too believes in the Kandinskian theory of purity of color. In The World As Light: An Introduction to the Art of Adi Da Samraj by Mei-Ling Israel, he writes, "The colors should be pure colors, not colors that are the product of mixing a particular color with colors other than itself. A pure color is a vibration. This can be measured on a spectral graph."
As both a distinguished artist and philosopher he asserts in his book Transcendental Realism that to create spiritual art one must transcend "all perceptual and conceptual means themselves, through the Tacit Self-Recognition of the Intrinsically Self-Evident 'Non-chaos' (or the Always Prior Self-Unity, Indivisibility, Indestructibility, and Inherent Egolessness) of Reality Itself."
Adi Da is the one and only artist whose art is beyond idiom. In idiom the artist often encloses himself by repetition; he neither finds the truth content of art nor language of art itself. In idiom the artist dies. Regarding idiom, Derrida says that 'those who have faith in idiom supposedly say only one thing, properly speaking, and say it in linking form and meaning too strictly to lend itself to translation' thus mystifying an art work on the basis of falsely created form-meaning dialectics. An artist who has enclosed himself in idiom and style falsifies the truth of art by saying 'see the form I have created and search for the meaning in it' that he himself does not know." Derrida, the great philosopher and grammatologist, summaries by saying that, "Form fascinates when one no longer has the force to understand form within itself. - That is to create". It rejects idiom and style centric trend of art that is by and large prevalent world over.
Adi Da is postmodern from this point of view because he knows the very locus from where things appear. Images are things and they do appear on the surface carrying multiple messages of the locus. In this sense, he does not express rather he creates. The way Adi Da creates his art is very intricate because of the demand from the truth content of the image; it searches its own body, its own form to appear. Perhaps this is why for each and every 'truth content' he has a different language. When creating he must be very sensitive to the creative process because the image he is making will change the participant's 'point of view'. Hence his images need to be appear 'as it is'- an expression of Reality Itself.

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